Fruit & Veg in Cold Storage

Fruit and vegetables stored in walk-in cold rooms should ideally have the following parameters covered in the HCCP Cold Chain Protocol of the establishment to maintain qualitative condition:

  • Correct ambient temperature required inside the cold room for the specific fresh produce in cold storage (minimum as well as maximum setpoints required)
  • If fresh produce is of a “mixed” variety special care will have to be taken as to which temperature is set given that some products do not fare well in very low temperatures
  • Correct humidity (RH) level required – as a general rule 90% RH should suffice
  • Stock rotation must be vigorously employed failing which the shelf-life of fresh stocks could be negatively impacted by putrid stocks
  • Do not store fresh produce directly on the floor as air circulation could be hampered leading to loss of qualitative condition
  • Do not leave cold room doors opened for extended periods of time as temperature drops will be experienced
  • Ethylene sensitive fresh produce should not be stored in the same facility as ethylene gas-producing produce – if the foregoing protocol cannot be implemented then ethylene extraction solutions need to be employed
  • Ensure refrigeration plant is serviced at planned intervals to avoid costly breakdowns with the potential loss of stock especially if the faulty part is not readily available

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