Energy Saving Tip for Supermarkets & Butcheries

Eskom has approached the energy regulator for a massive 20% increase in consumer tariffs to be implemented in April 2022.

There will be an increase given Eskom’s need to increase revenue streams ‘to keep the lights on’.

We can cry, we can moan, we can throw a tantrum but it won’t change a thing.

The business community making use of refrigerator display cases to display their fresh produce (fruit, veg, fish, meat, dairy products, cakes, etc) can reduce their total energy consumption bill by between 10% and 15% per month if they have quality night blinds installed.

Polar Africa confirmed the foregoing during a 4-month trial undertaken at a large supermarket that had a bakery as well on the premises.

Night blinds can either be installed DIY or Polar Africa can install same.

Get the only night blind that has been independently tested that proves they have a minimum 10-year life span (subject to proper care and handling). Go to for further information/proforma quotation.