Fresh Produce Wastage – stats don’t tell the whole truth.

Fresh Produce Wastage – stats don’t tell the whole truth.

South Africans waste one-third of all food in the country – roughly 10 million tonnes of food annually.

One of the reasons is that fresh produce sold in supermarkets, greengrocers, cafes, and general dealers do not last long once the consumer takes the fresh produce home.


The qualitative condition of the fresh produce has been impaired along the supply chain from farm to market, to wholesaler to retailer to the household/hotel/restaurant.


Firstly, fresh produce is very rarely kept at the correct relative humidity (minimum of 90%) during transport between and cold storage at the farm packhouse, market, wholesaler, and retailer

If the amount of water in the air is less than what the fresh produce comprises the fresh produce shrinks, shrivels, loses texture, taste, and weight.

Secondly, ethylene-sensitive fresh produce is also often not separated from ethylene-producing produce resulting in the former ripening far quicker than normal.

A shorter shelf-life equates to less chance of the produce being utilized before it has to be dumped.

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