Hypochlorous Acid Supplier

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) has been around since humans first populated the Earth in that it is produced by our white blood cells to ward-off infections which enter the body.

The first commercial attempts to manufacture HOCl were successful from a disinfectant perspective but a limited shelf life ruined an otherwise perfect disinfection solution.

Further research and development on the manufacturing process/technology in Eastern Europe led to an extended shelf-life of between 12 and 18 months (subject to the manner same is stored in bulk).

The fact that HOCl is produced by our bodies means that commercially manufactured HOCl (which meets the local minimum standards set by the various regulatory bodies around the world) is totally safe to use on open wounds, ophthalmic procedures, oral dental procedures, etc.

HOCl is (one of) the safest disinfectants on the Planet as it can be consumed (accidentally) without any side effects but at the same time it can destroy or rather obliterate 99,9% of all and any viruses, harmful bacteria, moulds, spores, yeasts in next to no time – from seconds to minutes depending on concentration levels.

HOCl is suitable for use with any edible fresh produce without having to rinse it off post washing phase.

Be aware of HOCl suppliers who claim that they manufacture SAHPRA grade stock but cannot produce evidence thereof.

Be equally aware of manufacturers who produce low ppm concentrations which means that such stock has to be used in full concentrated form as opposed to 500ppm stock that can be diluted.

For further information on HOCl and its amazing healing and disinfectant powers or to order SAHPRA grade 500ppm HOCl from an accredited supplier go to http://www.polarafrica.co.za