Wound Care Treatment

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) offers the general practitioner, hospital, clinic, paramedic, and first aider the perfect solution to treat burns and open wounds  for the following reasons:

  • HOCl is microcidal – kills 99.99% of bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses and fungi on contact, ensuring microbial load reduction in acute and chronic wounds.
  • No resistance to HOCl has ever been reported and the solution is non-allergenic.
  • The isotonic solution is provided at a neutral pH, when it is non-cytotoxic, ensuring fibroblast viability, tissue granulation and epithelialization with minimal scar tissue formation.
  • Removes exudate, slime or biofilm by dislodgement due to the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).
  • HOCl solutions have been shown to assist in the treatment of  diabetic foot ulcers; decubital ulcers; venous ulcers; burn wounds; surgical wounds; etc.
  • Reduction and even elimination of costly topical antibiotic substances with known cytotoxic properties.

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