Cold Chain Humidity & Ethylene Control

Cold Chain Humidity & Ethylene Control

Polar Africa is a company that has been around since 2008 assisting supermarket retailers in extending the qualitative shelf-life of fresh fruit and vegetables in walk-in cold rooms.

Hanging meat weight losses and blood purge in primals/wet-aged meat can also be substantially reduced in meat walk-in cold rooms.

Solutions range from mini- industrial humidifiers to steam humidifiers (for large industrial-type cold rooms) to maintain humidity levels at between 85% and 90% as well as to a unique 100% natural mineral that filters the internal air of a cold room removing ethylene gas, airborne bacteria, and acetic acid (in meat cold rooms).

The foregoing solutions enhance and/or underpin cold chain HACCP protocols by ensuring that the qualitative condition of top-grade fresh fruit and vegetables and meat in cold storage are retained adding between 3 and 5 days to the shelf-life of the latter.

The obvious long-term benefit is an increase in bottom-line earnings and satisfied customers.

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