Reducing Hanging Meat Weight Losses

Reduce Hanging Meat Weight Losses In Cold Storage.

When hanging meat is not stored at the correct humidity (80%) and temperature (2° to 4°C) then the carcass will shrink, shrivel, drip blood, and lose weight – anything between 3% and 5% depending on how long the meat is kept hanging in the cold room. The loss in weight occurs within hours of delivery.

Primals and wet-aged meat purge blood for the same reason – fluctuating humidity levels.

Even the latest refrigeration evaporator cooling systems cannot stabilise the humidity at a constant 80% as the doors of the cold room are frequently opened during peak work shifts.  Evaporator cooling systems also naturally dry out the internal air of a cold room and more so when the cold room door is kept shut for 8 to 12 hours (post trading hours).

The loss in weight is directly proportional to a loss in revenue and ultimately bottom line takes a downward curve.

Polar Africa can offer butchers and meat wholesalers an industrial centrifugal humidifier (made in Italy) that will ensure that humidity levels do not drop below 80%.

The humidifier is used in vegetable cold rooms, agricultural tunnels, cannabis growing rooms, wine barrel cellars printing rooms with huge success.

The unit is also robust, virtually maintenance-free, and can easily be installed by a cold room technician or electrician and/or Polar Africa can install in or near major metropolitan areas.

All that is required is a water connection, a single-phase power isolator near where the humidifier is to be installed –  either directly onto the cold room wall or hanging from the ceiling.

The humidifier emits a fine droplet spray that will not wet the air inside the cold room, or any hanging carcasses, provided a clear open unobstructed space of 3 meters is maintained in front of the unit.

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