Meat Cold Rooms

Meat Cold Rooms

Walk-in cold rooms can either make or break a butchery business.

Butchers tend to only focus on ambient temperature when it comes to walk-in meat cold rooms.

The expensive reality is that humidity is as (If not more) important than temperature especially if it is not maintained at a constant 80% 24/7.

When humidity is too low hanging meat will shrink, discolour, drip blood, and lose body mass (between 3% and 5%) even after a few hours of exposure.

Wet-aged meat and primals will purge excess blood and the texture of the meat will toughen.

Butchers can reduce hanging meat, primals, and wet-aged meat weight losses by up to 50% and more by installing a mini-industrial humidifier that will maintain humidity at 80% in their meat walk-in cold rooms 24/7.

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