Misting Solutions

Jojo Rooftop Lounge – Maboneng

The coolest place to chill and eat in Maboneng has to be the Jojo Rooftop Lounge.

Not only is the food and vibe great the place kicks into top gear when the live entertainment takes off.  Celebs and patrons toss out their inhibitions and begin to gyrate in rhythm with whatever infectious beat is on the turntable.

The Jojo Rooftop Lounge recently appointed Polar Africa to lower the ambient temperature in the lounge area but not the mood!

A top-of-the-range quality evaporative cooling (misting) system was installed. The project was challenging from several aspects the most important being that excess moisture had to be avoided which would lead to condensation developing on the inner dome.

The end result was a dry mist being produced which does not wet the air, the floor, the patrons, or even the delicious food they are gobbling up.

Jojo Rooftop Lounge management’s comment when asked if they are happy with the system was a simple yet telling announcement, viz “It is amazing”.

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