Ikeuchi & Co Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial spray nozzles and humidification systems. Established in Japan in 1954, Ikeuchi proudly boasts, and with good reason, that they are “The Fog Engineers” that continue to lead the field in liquid atomization in various industries.

Ikeuchi’s business philosophy centers on underpinning, maintaining, and improving (where possible) the environment in respect of saving water, reducing energy consumption (and CO2 emissions in the process), increasing customer productivity (and thereby profitability) as well as improving the working conditions of employees in the industrial and manufacturing sectors of the various economies around the world.

A global network of Ikeuchi offices and four manufacturing plants are backed up by a network of professional regional distributors who all work towards the same goal, viz. providing innovative fog spraying systems and solutions to the wider industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Ikeuchi leads the field in industrial spray nozzle technology wherein customers have some 42 000 standard air, pneumatic, hydraulic, atomization, and tank cleaning nozzles available to choose from. And where a customer requires a customized solution, no problem, the Ikeuchi research and development team is on hand to solve the challenge with due care and diligence.

Polar Africa is proud to announce that it will be representing Ikeuchi in South Africa as well as the SADC region offering quality laden service, products, and solutions that will make the industrial and manufacturing industries in the region more productive, and more environmentally friendly while improving the working conditions of their valued employees.

Polar Africa is only a call or email away once you have visited and viewed the Ikeuchi product offerings at https://polarafrica.co.za/product-application-dashboard/