Industrial Dry Fog Humidification

When it comes to humidifying large, enclosed expanses such as industrial warehouses, agricultural packhouses, abattoir meat holding cold rooms, bulk fruit and vegetable cold chain storage, manufacturing plants, motor vehicle spray painting booths, electronic manufacturing, textile, printing, timber warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage facilities, etc. it is an absolute imperative that the correct humidification solution is implemented.

Whether considering an upgrade or replacing or implementing a totally new humidification system in any application the following should be borne in mind:

  • A thorough understanding of exactly what level of absolute humidity is required
  • Basing the study on recognized humidity calculation models
  • The distinct types of humidity technologies in the local market
  • Size of the droplet each humidity technology produces
  • Dry mist is imperative for all applications (stay away from those that wet the air)
  • Whether ‘spot’ humidification is a requirement over and above total coverage
  • Energy, water, and/or air consumption of each system
  • The capital cost of each plus return-on-investment projections
  • Maintenance cost as well as time spent on cleaning nozzles
  • Longevity of equipment especially the nozzles and nozzle tips
  • Impact of preferred technology on the environment
  • Impact of preferred technology on productivity
  • Potential impact on the health of employees/contractors

Polar Africa is on hand to assist with the foregoing with the assistance and expertise of Ikeuchi who have been in the atomization solution business since 1980 when they introduced the world’s first (and still foremost) innovative dry fog humidifier, viz AKIMist® bringing water, air and ultrasonic soundwaves together to produce the industry’s smallest and driest fog or mist droplets.

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