Industrial Air Nozzles

Looking for a specific industrial air nozzle for a very precise purpose then you have landed on the right website page. Welcome to Ikeuchi the home of industrial air, pneumatic, hydraulic, and tank cleaning nozzles worldwide.

First things first when it comes to air nozzles in general.

  • Ikeuchi places a high premium on employee well-being on the production floor, particularly iro noise levels where air nozzles are known to be generators of harmful high-pitched decibels. Ikeuchi has over the years reduced the noise output of its air nozzles to well below the db limits set by OSHA which augurs well for persons who must be exposed to 8 hours or more of labour in excessively high noise production zones
  • Ikeuchi has conceptualized, developed, and produced a range of air nozzles that maximizes blowing efficiency by optimizing the blowing force and airflow of its air nozzles. Ikeuchi has managed to reduce the amount of compressed air required per application when compared to competitors’ air nozzles. The reduced cost of compressed air leads to an immediate improved bottom line for a business that partners with Ikeuchi
  • Ikeuchi has designed its air nozzle orifices to produce either flat, round or slit compressed air flows for drying, blowing, cooling, cleaning, rejecting, and/or air curtain purposesIkeuchi in its constant attempt to drive down production costs of its customers has begun to promote (where possible and where practical) air blower technology as an alternative to compressed air. Massive savings of around 66% can be achieved by switching over to the far lower operating and capital costs of air blower technology versus compressed air and Ikeuchi is only an inquiry away from advising how this could be accomplished in any application a customer desires improved productivity at a far lower production cost.

Polar Africa is on hand to act as a gateway to Ikeuchi’s incredible range of air nozzles as well as the company’s years of experience in assisting customers to be more competitive in the marketplace.

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