Industrial Tank Cleaning Nozzles

Cleaning the internal surfaces of haulage tankers, industrial holding/mixing vessels, wine barrels, brewery and wine fermenting tanks, yeast tanks, industrial mixing containers, and medium-sized silos, in fact, any piece of equipment is often not only an onerous exercise but one which produces mixed results.

In the food manufacturing environment, national legislation and/or health protocols often dictate regulated minimum hygienic/sterilization standards that are to be achieved iro surfaces that come into direct contact with food, e.g., HACCP and ISO 22000.

In other sectors of the economy such as dairies, breweries, bakeries, wine barrel cellars, cheese-making plants, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, etc. clean equipment is not only an imperative it is also necessary to prevent losses through contamination and unhygienic surfaces.

Ikeuchi has over the years not only conceptualized, developed, and manufactured cleaning nozzles, but their research and development division has also expanded the nozzle range to deal with cleaning/sterilizing challenges in any application and is on hand to assist customers who require customized cleaning solutions.

By way of example, Ikeuchi cleaning nozzles are available either in a flat or solid spray pattern, with three different rotation options, viz. fixed, 2D, or 3D, as well as in three spray coverage options, viz. 360³, 180°upwards or 180° downwards.

Then there are large-scale, low-pressure, and rotating tank cleaning nozzles as well.

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