Industrial Pneumatic Nozzles

The specific purpose of pneumatic nozzles is to create a fine droplet spray, even smaller than that which hydraulic nozzles are capable of, by combining a liquid with compressed air either within the inner chamber of a pneumatic nozzle or externally by mixing the liquid and compressed air outside of the orifice of the nozzle or by atomization.

Depending on the application and specific requirement of a customer Ikeuchi can offer a range of pneumatic nozzles that will either accomplish a very fine spray, atomization, increased turn-down requirement,, or even a coating application where required.

Ikeuchi pneumatic nozzles offer the end-user a range of benefits and characteristics that make them unique when compared to other technologies and competitor products:

  • Air/liquid capability (internally within the nozzle, or externally or even via atomization)
  • Liquid feeding systems
  • Spray pattern, pressure, angle, capacity & distribution
  • Where turn-down and air/water ratios are required

The spray pattern of Ikeuchi nozzles is available in the following options:

  • Hollow cone (humidification, moisture control, cooling gases, chemical reactions)
  • Full cone (humidification, moisture control, cooling gases, chemical reactions)
  • Flat spray (cooling and coating)
  • Film-like slit spray (cooling and coating)

Ikeuchi offers the end-user several options when it comes to pneumatic nozzles, viz

  • Compressed air (air under high pressure)
  • Air blower pneumatics (air under low or even ultra-low pressure)
  • Steam driven option

Ikeuchi’s nozzles are available in droplet sizes from ultra-fine mist (below 7µ) through to “light rain’ (1 000 µ) depending on application and customer requirements.

Ikeuchi also offers nozzles made from chemical and abrasion-resistant material that minimizes the risk of clogging, saving on maintenance and downtime.

The end-user has a wide range of Ikeuchi pneumatic spray nozzles available for every conceivable application, purpose, spray pattern requirement and/or even custom-designed purpose-specific nozzles where all else fails.

If you want to know more about Ikeuchi’s highly rated pneumatic nozzles, please go to study the datasheet, or via QR Code below and then complete the inquiry form to receive technical advice and and application solutions from a company that has been around for 69 years and still going strong.