Industrial Hydraulic Nozzles

Ikeuchi has a long and successful association with hydraulic nozzle development being the first company in the world to insert a ceramic orifice into a spray nozzle. Since then, a range of nozzles, depending on application and purpose, have been entirely manufactured from ceramic material.

Ceramic has distinct advantages over standard nozzles in that they have a far higher resistance to corrosion, chemical exposure, and abrasion as well as being able to tolerate far higher operating temperatures. The increased toughness of ceramic makes it 100 times more durable than brass and 20/30 times more robust than stainless steel when it comes to abrasive wear and tear. Finally, ceramic increases productivity and reduces production costs as flow rate wastages caused by nozzle orifice abrasions are avoided.

Ikeuchi distinguishes itself from the rest in the highly competitive flat spray hydraulic nozzle market in that the company ensures a uniform distribution of a liquid by way of guaranteeing spray angle as well as spray capacity. It is imperative that either a mountain-like or edge-like distribution is achieved to attain high-end quality-laden results. The versatility of flat spray hydraulic nozzles places them at the centre of many production plants as they can be utilized for cleaning, spraying a liquid, cooling, and/or paper/metal trimming.

Ikeuchi is also a market leader in the hollow cone spray market where its nozzles can be used with or without a compressor across a wide range of applications with stunning results. The most important characteristic of a hollow cone nozzle is the mean droplet diameter size that is required to be maintained throughout the operation. Droplet size is determined by the application and the customer’s specific requirements.

Full cone nozzles must maintain a uniform and consistent spray pattern, failing implies the desired results will not be attained. Ikeuchi can guarantee such performance given its years of experience some 69 and counting. A very useful and necessary production tool in many an application and if you are not achieving your production goals feel free to contact Ikeuchi via Polar Africa for a perfectly affordable and productive solution.

Finally, when it comes to the last category of hydraulic nozzles, viz. solid stream nozzles it is important that applied standard pressure rates are determined per application and secondly, another important consideration is flow rates. Get the correlation between pressure and flow rate correct and you have not only a winning production formula but a profitable one as well. Ikeuchi offers interested customers not only a world-class range of hydraulic nozzles but also a perfect solution per application.

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