Supermarket Night Blinds

Electricity bills are due to rise in South Africa by between 18% and 21% in July 2023.

This will be another challenge for the retail supermarket and butchery sectors of the economy along with having to deal with electricity load-shedding costs and challenges as well.

One way to reduce electricity costs would be to install quality night blinds onto refrigerator display cases, wrap-around cases, and chest-type freezers, in fact, any case that is used to display refrigerated food perishables.

Now before you rush out and ask for quotes bear in mind that there are huge differences in the quality of night blinds from blind material, slow-rise springs, handles, anchors, and fasteners, and choosing the cheapest option will not result in longevity or electricity bill savings.

Polar Africa’s night blinds are the only ones in the marketplace that have been opened and closed 3 650 times in one continuous cycle showing no wear and tear on the blind material, spring, handle, anchor, or fasteners.

One of the few night blinds that have proven to reduce a supermarket’s total monthly electricity bills by up to 14% provided all the display cases are fitted with Polar Africa’s night blinds.

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