Dry Fog Humidification Supplier – South Africa

Polar Africa (est 2008) offers humidity control solutions in the following sectors of the economy in South Africa as well as the SADC region:

  1. Agriculture  – dry fog humidification maintains ideal relative humidity levels in greenhouses, cannabis growing operations, tobacco sheds, packhouses, abattoirs, commercial farmer markets, wine barrel cellars, mushroom farms
  2. Manufacturing – dry fog humidification prevents static electricity build-up, reduces airborne dust and improves air quality
  3. Food Processing/Manufacturing Plants – dry fog humidification controls humidity levels during processing and storage, reducing spoilage and improving shelf life
  4. Healthcare: dry fog humidification can improve air quality, reduce the spread of airborne infections and create a more comfortable environment for patients and staff in hospitals and clinics
  5. Data Centers – dry fog humidification controls the humidity levels, preventing static electricity build-up and reducing equipment failure risk
  6. Museums and Art galleries: dry fog humidification preserves artifacts, paintings and other objects by maintaining optimal humidity levels

Go to https://polarafrica.co.za/product-application-dashboard/ for further information, an inquiry form,  Ikeuchi dry fog humidification data sheet as well as an industrial humidifier for smaller applications.