Industrial Spray Nozzle Supplier – South Africa

Polar Africa is the accredited SADC distributor for the Ikeuchi & Co Ltd (Japan est 1954) range of industrial spray nozzles in the following sectors of the economy:

  1. Automotive industrial spray nozzles (spray painting, coating, & cleaning)
  2. Food and Beverage industrial spray nozzles (coating, cleaning & sanitizing equipment, food processing)
  3. Chemical and Petrochemical industrial spray nozzles (spraying chemicals, coating, adhesive application, cleaning & rinsing equipment)
  4. Pharmaceutical industrial spray nozzles (coating, spraying pharmaceutical products, cleaning & sanitizing equipment)
  5. Agriculture spray nozzles (crop spraying, irrigation, and fertilization)
  6. Aerospace industrial spray nozzles (painting & coating aircraft parts, cleaning & maintenance of aircraft)
  7. Pulp and Paper industrial spray nozzles (paper coating, cleaning & rinsing)
  8. Electronic Manufacturing industrial spray nozzles & ESD control (surface treatment and cleaning applications during wet washing phase, ESD elimination)

Should an industrial spray nozzle not be available for your specific application from the 42 000 spray nozzle options Ikeuchi has in stock, no problem, their R&D will soon deliver a perfect solution!

Go to for further information, an inquiry form,  as well as very detailed data sheets for each of the full range of Ikeuchi’s air, pneumatic, hydraulic, and tank cleaning nozzles.