Humidity Control Solutions/Products Supplier – South Africa

Polar Africa is a 100% Woman-Owned South African Company that has been around since 2008 offering humidity control products/solutions/services to clients in the following sectors of the economy:

Humidity & Airborne Bacteria Control Solutions for:

  • Wine Barrel Cellars (reduce wine barrel evaporation)
  • Butchery Meat Cold Rooms (reduce hanging meat weight losses by up to 3%)
  • Bulk Fresh Fruit & Veg Cold Storage (extend shelf life by 3 to 7 days)
  • Fresh Flowers Cold Show Rooms (remove ethylene gas)
  • Agricultural Packhouses (retain the qualitative condition of produce)
  • Cannabis Growing Rooms (maintain perfect growing conditions)
  • Fresh Fish Cold Chain Storage (extend shelf life)
  • Bakery Cold Chain Storage (prevent dehydration of products)
  • Food Manufacturing Cold Storage & Production Floor (HACCP/ISO)
  • Supermarket Bulk Cold Chains/Rooms (reduce spoilage & extend shelf life)

Industrial Humidity Control Solutions

  •  Printing Room (control ESD)
  • Electronic Manufacturing Plants (control ESD)
  • Spray Painting Lines/Booths (maintain quality control)
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (quality control & ESD control)
  • Aerospace Industry (prevent corrosion/degradation)


Contact: Raymond Byrne

Cell:     082 600 5236 or 082 928 2823