Industrial Work Site Dust Control Measures That Work – South Africa

Industrial work site dust is a major environmental pollutant and needs to be tackled head-on.

Drifting dust particles cause immense discomfort to neighbouring communities. Gets into their lungs, stains their curtains, causes crop failures, pollutes water sources, and gives rise to farm animal distress, often with fatal consequences.

In short, there is nothing good about having fine work site dust particles floating around in the air. But there is a solution to preventing the spread of harmful industrial-generated dust particles.

Ikeuchi (Japan) introduced a first-of-its-kind two-prong approach to work site dust tackling the problem at the source and not after it had escaped the plant. Purpose-built industrial nozzles spray water into the air or source with interchangeable aperture sizes depending on the size of the dust particles. Both approaches only require compressed air and water.

The first approach aptly named ‘soft fog design’ sprays fine fog mist high up into the air inside the building. The water droplets then drift down absorbing the fine dust particles floating in the air resulting in them becoming saturated with moisture and then settling on the ground.

The second approach, viz. ‘high-velocity fog design’ is conversely aimed directly at the source of the production of dust particles.  In that way, they are prevented from dispersing into the atmosphere.

The secret to controlling dust in an industrial work site environment is to produce water droplets the same size as the dust particles as too large a droplet simply slides over the particle leaving them to escape into the atmosphere.

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