Wine Barrel Cellar Humidity Control

Polar Africa’s humidity control solutions procure several benefits for the wine farm/producer, viz.

  1. Reducing wine evaporative losses in the order of 8% to 12% p.a. by half – less topping up and more bottom line
  2. Slower maturity rate producing higher quality wine than the norm
  3. No fungal and mould growth as both technologies utilize ‘dry’ mist to increase and maintain correct moisture levels without ‘wetting’ the internal air of the wine cellar
  4. Phenomenal ROI (return on investment) in a matter of months in many instances

Polar Africa offers wine producers two humidification technologies that stabilize relative humidity in wine barrel cellars at the specific level the winemaker desires.

Polar Africa offers the following proven humidity control solutions:

 Boutique Wine Barrel Cellars (up to 220m³)

1kg/hour mini-industrial Centrifugal Humidifier

Mid-sized Wine Barrel Cellars (350m³ to 800m³)

 6,5kg/hour industrial Centrifugal Humidifier,

Large Wine Barrel Cellars (with compressed air lines available)

Polar Africa offers the unique Ikeuchi AKIMist humidity control solution which will automatically maintain humidity at the desired level the winemaker sets.

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