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Pre-cooling Intake Air of Refrigerator/Chiller Units

HVAC and refrigerator/chiller units can be up to 15% less efficient and draw up to 30% more energy when the immediate intake air temperature is too high. By cooling down the intake air the units will perform far more efficiently and use less electricity. By way of example a drop in air intake temperature of […]

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Night Blinds

Why Polar Africa’s brand should be your only choice! only night blind in the industry to have been tested by an independent assessor demonstrating a potential 10 year longevity only night blind in the industry which can be adjusted to control return speed of spring-loaded roller has demonstrated among all the leading supermarkets in the […]

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Misting and Productivity

There is no doubt that when the human body is exposed to high ambient temperatures and/or humidity levels the ability to work productively is hampered and even harmful should one become dehydrated. With climate change dictating irregular weather patterns we are experiencing ever increasing day time temperatures for longer periods during the year (in southern […]

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As we head into another hot Summer season at the southern tip of Africa, consider installing Europe’s leading evaporative cooling company’s unique misting solutions to chill your patrons .. for more information go to:

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Obvious answer would be YES …. but how? Polar Africa (established in 2007) can assist in three specific areas where most businesses operating in the supermarket, restaurant, butchery, hotel, fresh fruit & veg, bakery and perishable distribution centres usually experience losses. Polar Africa also has the wherewithal, experience, specialised skills and unique products to underpin […]

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Polar Africa – very much alive and growing after 11 years in the making!

Mark Twain upon hearing that he had passed on issued his now time-honoured infamous quote “the reports of my death are grossly exaggerated!”. Very much the same in the case of Polar Africa as well, despite the best endeavours of a previous business associate of ours who is allegedly informing our clients that we have […]

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Food Waste – blah, blah, blah …

Every so often there appears a heart-rendering article (usually published by a science/food editor of a mag or on-line publication) bemoaning the ‘mountain of food’ being wasted each year. Stats/graphs/pics are published that ‘prove’ that food is being wasted at a rate of knots (from post-harvesting, to fresh produce market, to supermarket retail floor). What […]

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Supermarket Night Blinds

We guarantee the lowest installed price on supermarket aluminium-backed material night blinds in any major metropolitan area in South Africa. Save between 20% and 30% on electricity consumption on each cabinet we fit our world-class binds! Gain an additional 2 to 4 days display shelf-life on all refrigerated perishables – from fresh meat to fruit/veg/dairy […]

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Mist up your life!!

Summer is just around the corner in Southern Africa and before you know it you will be “hot under the collar”. Why? Not because you lost it again … but very likely that you live, work and play in an ever increasing humid region of the country. So what can you do about it? Move […]

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Need to reduce cold room food wastage?

This time of the year hot, humid (and even the drought) Summer conditions in Southern Africa gives rise to an increase in food waste in cold storage. Even the most modern of refrigeration plant cannot entirely eliminate perishable losses which has a direct impact on the bottom line of any food business. What is required […]

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