Meat Cold Rooms

Meat Cold Rooms

Meat Cold Rooms Walk-in cold rooms can either make or break a butchery business. Butchers tend to only focus on ambient temperature when it comes to walk-in meat cold rooms. The expensive reality is that humidity is as (If not more) important than temperature especially if it is not maintained at a constant 80% 24/7. […]

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Reducing Hanging Meat Weight Losses

Reduce Hanging Meat Weight Losses In Cold Storage. When hanging meat is not stored at the correct humidity (80%) and temperature (2° to 4°C) then the carcass will shrink, shrivel, drip blood, and lose weight – anything between 3% and 5% depending on how long the meat is kept hanging in the cold room. The […]

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Cold Chain Humidity & Ethylene Control

Cold Chain Humidity & Ethylene Control Polar Africa is a company that has been around since 2008 assisting supermarket retailers in extending the qualitative shelf-life of fresh fruit and vegetables in walk-in cold rooms. Hanging meat weight losses and blood purge in primals/wet-aged meat can also be substantially reduced in meat walk-in cold rooms. Solutions […]

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Supermarket Energy Saving Device

Supermarket Energy Saving Device An energy survey in the food retail sector in the USA in 2015 revealed that superettes and supermarkets spent between 36% and 60% of their electricity bills on refrigeration. Nearer home a 2011 Cape Town University study established that refrigeration made up 45% of a typical supermarket’s energy bill. Display refrigerators […]

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Food Spoilage in Walk-in Cold Rooms

Food Spoilage in Walk-in Cold Rooms Walk-in cold rooms in restaurants, convention centres, wedding venues, hotels, boarding schools, butcheries, bakeries, superettes, takeouts, etc typically experience high volumes of food spoilage and/or loss of qualitative condition. 1. Facts versus Fiction Fruit, vegetables, and all food produce (whether fresh or prepared) naturally contain between 85% and 90% […]

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Treating Diarrhoea In Farm Animals

Treating Diarrhoea In Farm Animals Treating Diarrhoea In Farm AnimalsTreating young farm animals, in particular pigs and cattle, that have been affected with scours at an early stage of the disease is imperative to the animal’s long-term health. Scours also known as gastro-enteritis or diarrhoea are caused by pathogenic agents such as viruses and bacteria. […]

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Wound Care Treatment

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) offers the general practitioner, hospital, clinic, paramedic, and first aider the perfect solution to treat burns and open wounds  for the following reasons: HOCl is microcidal – kills 99.99% of bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses and fungi on contact, ensuring microbial load reduction in acute and chronic wounds. No resistance to HOCl has […]

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Steam Humidifiers

Steam Humidifiers Steam humidifiers are perfect for medium to ultra-large enclosed areas that require humidity control. From printing rooms to theaters, wine barrel cellars, agricultural packhouses, dry goods warehouses, fruit & vegetable cold rooms, etc.  Relative humidity can be accurately controlled via steam humidifiers in any and all of these scenarios. Steam can be applied […]

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Hypochlorous Acid Supplier

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) has been around since humans first populated the Earth in that it is produced by our white blood cells to ward-off infections which enter the body. The first commercial attempts to manufacture HOCl were successful from a disinfectant perspective but a limited shelf life ruined an otherwise perfect disinfection solution. Further research […]

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Are Alcohol-Based Sanitisers Safe?

Recent media press releases once again question whether alcohol-based hand sanitisers, that are being used at the entrance to stores as well as those sold off the shelf, are compliant with relevant legislation. More distressing is that traces of high toxicity levels have recently been found in some sanitiser-branded products. This begs the question, are […]

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