Fogging: Permanent versus casual

Installing a permanent indoor fogging system that intermittently dry fogs disinfectant into the atmosphere of a room or enclosed area, is a far more effective and efficient solution to pathogenic microorganism control than casual fogging. A permanent fogging cum misting system ensures that the area is safe 24/7 provided a disinfectant is utilised that is […]

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Showcase displays – making or losing money?

What better way to display your fresh produce like delicatessens; sea foods; cheese; fresh fish, meat and chicken than in a refrigerated show case display cabinet …. well that is until your supermarket customers start to grimace when they have to decide between buying a ‘dried out’ piece of cold meat or walking out! Whilst […]

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Dry Fog System

OPTIGUIDE controls the thin blue line between humidity and wetness. IN THE BEGINNING, there was refrigeration for agricultural storage; then came CA systems; now Controlled High Humidity is the critical new dimension for modern cold storage of fresh produce. Optiguide has the tools to lead in this new frontier. High humidity is extending storage time, extending shelf […]

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Humidity Control

The humidity control dialogue is a relatively new discourse in the greater food science/environmental/manufacturing debate but a crucial one nonetheless. It requires far more attention and commitment than it is currently receiving from food, health and safety professionals as well as the manufacturing; warehousing; agricultural; and people and farm animal comfort communities at large. Controlling […]

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The recent announcement by the CEO of 1time low-cost airline that the company was losing in excess of R 70 000 per month in food spoilage highlights the fact there are huge losses being experienced in many companies in South Africa, from the staff canteen cold room, to the hotel kitchen, restaurant, supermarket, butcher, baker, […]

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