Polar Africa was founded in 2008 and has traded successfully as a SMME family-owned business offering a range of services, which services are unapologetically based on:

  • Service excellence founded on rendering quality-laden workmanship with warranties that are backed-up by international companies and/or Polar Africa
  • Reliable and “best of the best” products in each category which are sourced from
    • Sorbite Mineral (sole distributor)
    • Supermarket Night Blinds (sole distributor)
    • Industrial Humidifiers
    • Humidity Control Instrumentation

Polar Africa:

  • is a 100% women-owned (Asian) BBEE EME Level 1 certified company
  • Registered on the CSD of National Treasury as a supplier
  • Company Registration No: 2009/062364/23
  • VAT Registration No: 4310250040
  • Tax clearance certificate available on request
  • SARS Custom Client No: 21308165 – importer/exporter
  • Head Office: 1 Weaver Close, Hilltop Private Estate, Port Zimbali, 4439, KZN
  • Postal Address: P.O. Box 3027, Hilltop, Zimbali, 4419, KZN
  • Auditors: Dannhauser Incorporated – based in Randburg, Johannesburg
  • Bank FNB (local bank) & SASFIN (foreign exchange payments)
  • Renders services nation-wide and consultation services in the SADC region


Polar Africa offers the following specialized range of services and/or products:

A. Cold Chain Humidity and Airborne Bacteria Control – underpinning HACCP Cold Chain Protocols (2008 – 2023)

Polar Africa markets and installs Sorbite humidity and bacteria control filters in the cold chains of the wider food industry. The primary purpose of the filters is to remove air borne bacteria and food spoilage gases (ethylene) and to stabilize relative humidity in (mainly) medium- sized walk-in cold rooms, thereby enhancing HACCP/ISO cold chain protocols.

B. Supermarket Display Refrigerator Night Blinds (2015 – 2023)

In 2015 the company introduced one of the top selling slow rise night-blind brands in the UK and Europe to the supermarket, fresh fruit and veg and butchery sectors of the economy.


In 2020 Polar Africa launched one of the top selling ranges of mini-industrial humidifiers in Europe into the local market. This range of humidifiers are suitable for boutique wine barrel cellars, fruit & veg in walk-in cold rooms (coolers, chillers) and small printing rooms.


Polar Africa is proud of its long association with established manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, USA and the East in a number of sectors of the economy.

Polar Africa promotes each product ethically and professionally in the southern Africa economy.

Polar Africa has developed a loyal customer base over the years many of whom are leaders in their respective fields of operation.

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