Why can’t the filters be purchased outright?

The filters are required to be cleaned in a HACCP compliant cleaning room to safely and efficiently remove the ethylene gas, acetic acid and air-borne bacteria that has accumulated in the mineral. We also have to ensure that the filters are safe to use in a food environment and hence the specialist hi-tech hygiene approach we adopt in cleaning them.


When the filters were tested and eventually packaged for commercial use some 20 years ago, the original inventors spent an inordinate amount of time researching and testing the optimal time span the filters required to remove food spoilage gases and bacteria from the air of cold rooms and refrigerators. The current package is then the result of many years of blood, sweat and tears and as importantly, the two sizes that we currently have available, viz. “commercial” filters for cold rooms and “under bar” filters for smaller refrigeration units do the job perfectly as they can be discretely placed in both of their environments without hindering your storage space!


The filters cannot receive a SABS stamp of approval as there are no similar competitor products in the market place that it can be matched against and hence no benchmarks can be set by SABS to measure our product against.


Absolutely, we have a vast number of USA and UK laboratory reports vouching that Sorbite (the 100% natural mineral used in our filters) is safe to use in any environment  from food, to hospitals, to schools, food manufacturing industries, etc.
Such reports are available on request.


Desiccants remove moisture from the atmosphere but where Sorbite outsmarts all and any desiccant is that it is the only mineral known to man (and women of course) that can absorb and desorb, no other mineral can do the same! So where disiccants only absorb moisture, Sorbite both absorbs and desorbs moisture!


As perishable food stocks are frozen in a freezer the filters will have no impact on the state of the frozen products.


In the USA, there are stringent health regulations governing air conditioning systems in schools and these regulations extend to include the quality of the air that is permitted to flow into classrooms from these units. Sorbite filters have been successfully utilised for many years to meet those very qualitative standards.
Interestingly, people suffering from asthma cannot (and should not) spend much time in cold room facilities as they easily become overwhelmed by the “odours” present in cold rooms. When cold rooms are fitted with PolarAfrica filters asthma sufferers can comfortably work in such environments (the foregoing was first established by a Spanish general practitioner and we have experienced the same benefit in South Africa).


This depends entirely on the size of the unit; average level of stock holding; how often the doors are opened; where the unit is positioned on the premises (cold rooms positioned in hot kitchens require more filtration); type of stock etc. Our field service technicians will advise as to the minimum number required per unit.


Brand new refrigerators/cold rooms cannot remove ethylene and pectin gases (i.e. food spoilage gases), nor acetic acid, nor air-borne bacteria, nor can they remove excess moisture, nor can they introduce moisture when internal conditions become too dry.
PolarAfrica filters makes brand new refrigerators the ultimate cold storage facility known to Man (and woman of course)!


Zilch! Nothing! Zero electricity required!


Very good question! During the normal course of a busy shift, hot air enters the cold room often forming moisture which settles on the ceiling, floor and walls. This moisture creates latent heat which in turn “warms” the internal air. A simple test one can do is to stand in a cold room for a couple of minutes and you will find that the air is colder nearer the ceiling than nearer the floor. This warm air returns to the back of the evaporator fan housing where after it is cooled down by a compressor and returned as cold air to the cold room (where the temperature is controlled via thermostat).

When PolarAfrica filters are fitted they absorb any excess moisture present thereby substantially reducing the presence of latent heat and the air returning to the compressor is far colder than normal. The compressor needs only ‘tick over’ to reduce the temperature of the air thereby consuming far less electricity (between 10% and 20%)! The compressor requires far less maintenance as it runs far less and will also last far longer, saving you up to 50% on maintenance costs!


At this point in time we can only assist if you have a walk-in cold room/s or a number of large display/under bar fridges in your home wherein you stock your perishable food stocks. You will gain the same benefits as do the best Michelin rated Chefs in the UK, viz. extended food shelf-life and less electricity consumption.

Dedicated wine cellars will also benefit as the wine bottle corks will not dry out; neither will the wine bottle labels lift; and the relative humidity will remain constant.

A smaller domestic fridge unit will be launched in the foreseeable future!


To be honest we do not know …. cheese manufacturers tell us that mould growth on cheese, which causes huge losses in the industry, virtually disappears overnight!…. we know from meat trials conducted with one the country’s largest retail butchers that meat weight losses are reduced by 40% to 50%! …..cakes that usually last 2/3 days in a fridge are still perfect 3 weeks later! …. salmon normally has a 2/3 day refrigeration “life”, but with PolarAfrica filters they are still in perfect condition after 5 days and even longer! …wine bottle corks do not dry out and their labels are still perfect after many years in storage … and so it goes on…

We learn something new every day what the filters can accomplish – we will soon be testing the filters in refrigerated trucks to measure the impact they have on (would you believe it) ….fuel consumption?? As the filters reduce ambient temperatures, the compressors run far less using less fuel (lessons learnt from the USA).
What we have to admit though is that the filters do not work above 15°C!

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