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Ikeuchi – South Africa

11 October 2023

Ikeuchi’s range of hydraulic, pneumatic, air, and tank-cleaning industrial spray nozzles are manufactured in Japan to the highest international benchmarks in the industrial nozzle industry. These world-class industrial nozzles are available in various options depending on application and usage. From food manufacturing premises, bakeries, motor vehicle assembly plants, mining operations, printing operations, you name it,…

Waste Not Want Not – Blah, Blah, Blah versus Facts

8 October 2023

Every few years some or other ‘do good’ organisation gets its 10 minutes of print fame by having an editorial published in the national print media highlighting gross food wastage. A press release is drafted on behalf of the organisation’s CEO quoting statistics that are readily available on the world-wide-web and the findings of national…

ESD Challenges in the South African Economy

30 July 2023

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) can cause problems in various sectors of the economy due to its potential to damage sensitive electronic components and systems. Here are some sectors that may experience ESD-related problems: Electronics Manufacturing: ESD can lead to damage during the production process, affecting the quality and reliability of electronic components and devices. Sensitive microchips,…

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Fresh Produce Cold Storage – Humidity Control vs Ambient Temperature

29 May 2023

Food handling professionals at all levels tend to focus exclusively on ambient temperatures when it comes to cold storage of fresh produce. Many a cold room door can be found in a hotel, restaurant, bakery, or conference venue pasted with a Temperature Chart showing daily readings as reflected on the temperature gauge. Temperature gauges very…

Humidity Control Solutions/Products Supplier – South Africa

3 May 2023

Polar Africa is a 100% Woman-Owned South African Company that has been around since 2008 offering humidity control products/solutions/services to clients in the following sectors of the economy: Humidity & Airborne Bacteria Control Solutions for: Wine Barrel Cellars (reduce wine barrel evaporation) Butchery Meat Cold Rooms (reduce hanging meat weight losses by up to 3%)…

Packhouse Humidity Control – South Africa

1 May 2023

Humidity control is essential in agricultural pack houses for several reasons. Humidity control is essential in agricultural pack houses to preserve the qualitative condition and shelf life of fresh produce to ensure a farmer’s crops attain a fair market price for their investment and endeavours. Secondly, humidity levels in South Africa vary vastly between wet…