Mosquito Preventer

R5,500.00 Incl. VAT



Mosquito Preventer – reduces local mosquito populations via a unique family planning technology!

The Mosquito Preventer takes advantage of our patented Zero-Hatch Technology to address the issue of eliminating mosquito populations at the root. The Preventer focuses on eliminating future generation of mosquitoes by ensuring that the eggs laid by female mosquitoes do not survive to become the next generation of mosquitoes. The result is a significant reduction in mosquito populations in both public and private spaces.

Specifications :

Dimension: 34 x 34 x 35 (cm)
2.8 (kg)

Package includes :

1 x Automatic Mosquito Preventer
1 x Rain Guard
1 x User Manual
A set of Refill Kit (2 x Landing Strips / 1 x Reactor)


The Preventer provides an attractive environment for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs.  Our patented mosquito attractant entices female mosquitoes into the artificial breeding pond where they lay their eggs.  The eggs and larvae are automatically eliminated before they turn into adult mosquitoes.  The Preventer also recycles the water, which in addition to the attractant, will have naturally produced mosquito pheromones that further increase the attractiveness of the breeding pond.

R 5 500,00 (incl Vat) includes Flat Shipping Rate of R200 (incl Vat)

The Mosquito Preventor requires a monthly lure refill exchange to be truly effective. Watch video for replacement instructions. 

The 90 day refill kits can be purchased separately on-line.

Delivery Period:

Approx. 10 – 14 working days from date of confirmation of order and payment clearance.

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