Supermarket Night Blinds

Polar Africa is the southern Africa distributor of supermarket night blinds for one of the UK’s top brands, Thermasolutions, who have their night blinds installed in Tesco, Waitrose, Spar, Wall Mart, Marks & Spencers, Esso, Carrefour, Wholefoods, Coles, Sainsbury’s, Makro and Costco. The night blinds are manufactured in the UK (has not been outsourced to another country) and is the only blind in the local market that has been stress-tested by an independent testing authority in the UK – a number of blinds were mechanically opened and closed, without interruption, 3 650 times – the equivalent of 10 years of continued usage with no damage to the blind material or roll up mechanism.

The blind material used has the capability of reducing energy consumption on upright display fridges by up to 20%, freezer counters and isle cases by up to 30%. Should all the cases in a large supermarket be installed with our night blinds, total monthly electricity bills could be reduced by between 12% and 15% per month – making a return on investment possible between 8 and 12 months post blind installation!

Thermasolutions is also the only UL94 certified blind manufacturer in the world!

Find below some local installations:

We guarantee the lowest installed price for slow rise aluminium-backed material night blinds in major metropolitan areas of South Africa

Use 20% to 30% less electricity per display case when U have our night blinds installed! Get 2 to 4 days longer shelf life on dairy products and fresh produce on display!








Definitive proof that our night blinds can reduce a store’s TOTAL monthly electricity bill by between 10% and15% a 5 month comparative electricity consumption evaluation at a leading supermarket in the Western Cape demonstrated that savings of up to15% PER MONTH are possible! Get your return on investment back in 8 to 12 months post night blind installation.

Thinking of replacing your display cases one of these days? Our night blinds can be installed in your current cases and moved to the new cases with ease – simply order your new cases without night blinds and have us move our night blinds from one to the other!






The only slow rise night blind in the industry that has undergone an independent stress test that proves that our blinds have the potential to last 10 or more years!

International Certifications and Marks

Endurance Test

Our blind survived the equivalent of 10 years of continuous usage by an independent standards body in the UK – I am not aware of any other blind in this country (imported or locally manufactured) having the same accreditation but stand to be corrected if wrong.

Validating that the blinds meet the eco-design directive and product safety standards set by the EC.


Complies with the design, supply and installation of energy saving night blinds for refrigeration.


Authorized to bear the mark by way of official certification.


Complies with all of the requirements of the mark


Energy saving potential of night blinds has been verified