As supermarkets usually comprise a butchery, bakery, fresh fish, fruit and vegetable and optional coffee shop department they will experience the total negative cumulative effect all of the foregoing experience with their refrigeration as described here above (including brand new refrigeration which cannot remove air-borne bacteria, food spoilage gases, remove excess moisture and re-hydrate internal atmosphere when conditions become too dry).

It is a well known fact that supermarkets work on the “thinnest” of trading margins in the food industry and when PolarAfrica humidity and bacteria control filters (which are a  100% naturally occurring mineral, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and 100% recyclable) can reduce/eliminate food wastage and lower energy consumption, it is surely a no-brainer!!

PolarAfrica filters will maintain refrigerators and cold rooms at the correct storage temperature (provided the compressor is in good working condition); remove food spoilage gases and air-borne bacteria thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination and food poisoning.

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