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MICHAEL PURCELL – IRELAND – HACCP CONSULTANT commenting on a sorbite filter, marketed under the HUMITECH/BIOSMART brand in the UK, IN 2009 …
“My first experience of this incredible product was in witnessing the extra shelf life of fresh cauliflower & broccoli. A staggering 3 weeks with the produce remaining perfect. With practically no humidity in the fridge the cleanliness was really great. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product as a vital tool in HACCP implementation.”

Darrell O’Kelly, Pinocchio’s Farm

“ We recently conducted trials with Polar Africa’s humidity and bacteria control filters in two of our pack house cold rooms in which lettuce is stored. Prior to the trail we were experiencing complaints from our markets and clients regarding russet spotting (“lettuce rust”). During the course of the three week trail we saw a marked improvement and decided to keep the filters”

Darrell O’Kelly, Pinocchio’s Farm – March 2014

Desmond Davies, Executive Sous Chef

“ I am very pleased with the installation of Polar Africa’s filters in all of our fridges, not only has it increased our product life span as well as its yield usage, we further reduced our wastage and improved our financial bottom line”.

Desmond Davies, Executive Sous Chef – Durban International Convention Centre.

A South African Executive Chef motivating the use of the filters to his General Manager

From: ‘KM’
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2010 5:33 PM
To: ‘JM’
Subject: PolarAfrica filters
Good Evening JM,
As discussed we are currently saving between R 2,500.00 to R 4,500.00 per month on these filters, as it does keep the fridges colder, also increasing the shelf life of our dairy, fresh meats, vegetables and prepared foods. The biggest saving is in the vegetable and meat fridges as the vegetables lasts longer and I have seen a reducing of blood loss in the vacuum packed meat.
I believe the cost per month is R 1,100.00 for the 5 units that we have at present. That is a saving for us of between R 1,400.00 to R 3,400.00 per month, depending on our stock holding of food through the month.
Kind regards

Executive Chef Louis Ncube

Executive Chef Louis Ncube

“The filters have worked wonders in my cold room, with vegetables, such as onion sprouts, chillies and lettuce, just lasting and lasting! I even tested the filters, by purposely leaving the previous day’s unconsumed Bruschetta
overnight, only to find the next day, that they were as fresh as if they had just been made!
I now have the comfort of knowing that all of my refrigerated food will have a longer, more hygienic, bacteria-free shelf-life. No chef can afford to be without these filters in their refrigerators!”

Hermann Schutte Butchery Owner

Hermann Schutte Butchery Owner

“I must admit, that when I was first introduced to the filters, I was most sceptical, as what Raymond promised the filters would achieve in my meat cold room, was too good to be true!”
“I was sold on the filters after only one week in the cold room!”
“The final proof that the filters really work, was when my mother-in-law commented that she noted that the rump steaks were more juicier and far more tender!!” concluded Hermann

Unilever Food Solutions: Customer Chef

Heidi Heckmann
Customer Chef
“I would recommend this product to anyone who operates a cold room!”

Remgro Management Services: Executive Chef

Ian Wallace
Executive. Chef
“Due to the nature of our business we need exceptional food quality that has as long a shelf-life as is possible and Polar Africa Filters have certainly achieved this for us!”

Erinvale Golf Club Somerset West: General Manager
Anton Sloot
General Manager
“The general conditions in our cold room have improved considerably which has led to fresher products for longer periods. We have also noticed a saving on our running costs”
Cape Town Hotel School: Executive Chef

Jerome Peters
Executive Chef
“Our students have noticed that the cold rooms have improved and that the quality of the produce is maintained for far longer”

Newlands Sun Cape Town: Maintenance Manager

Frank Nicholas
Maintenance Manager
“Polar Africa filters have assisted us in our “GOING GREEN” campaign as well as helping us reduce the running costs in our cold rooms. The chefs have also reported a huge improvement in our cold rooms in terms of food quality”

Steffanies Place Somerset West: Owner

Dean Evans
“We were the first restaurant in the Western Cape to install Polar Africa filters in March 2009 and since then we have had not only had a marked improvement in our cold room, we have also experienced a saving on running costs both in terms of cold room expenditure as well as food input costs, which we have been monitoring on an on-going basis”.

Heia Safari Ranch: Food and Beverage Manageress

Bianca Rogers
Food and Beverage Manageress
“This serves to confirm that we have been using the humidity and bacteria control filters from Polar Africa for the last couple of years. It is really worthwhile to have them installed as we have found our humidity in the fridge drop by a large amount and this all helps to increase the shelf life of fresh produce as well as prepared foods by up to 300%.
It has numerous other benefits that you can find out about. I highly recommend these filters”

Recent Photographic Evidence of Successful Trials

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

MSDS - Sorbite Mineral
“Note from supplier – extended periods of dust inhalation will only come about whilst the mineral is being mined, by hand, in the open-cast mine and/or whilst it is being packed into the bags at the bulk packing centre.”
USA-Dept-of-Labor-MSDS.pdf (218 downloads)

Sorbite Versus Gas/Chemical Generators

Sorbite Versus Gas/Chemical Generators
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