Fogging Service: No-brainer COVID-19 cost saving option

Occasional fogging service contractors can only offer 24 hours protection (at best).

Fogging once a month and 29 days are not protected.

Fogging once a week and 6 days are unprotected.

The chemicals fogging contractor utilise often contain QUATS which are harmful to humans and Nature. Hazmat suits are a dead give away that their chemicals are seriously lethal to themselves and YOU!

Make your space safe by self-fogging!

Use POLAR AFRICA® ULV cold fogger; POLAR-LYTE™ which is a 100% safe disinfectant; and a face mask.

Fog your premises yourself for approximately R 7,00 (ex Vat) per 100 sq meters and be protected everyday of your working life!

Polar Africa offers you the best no-brainer COVID-19 fogging service decision you will ever make!



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