Sorbite Presentation
Mobile Fan Fog Disinfection Unit



Night Blind accreditations & technical specifications
Stand-alone, high-pressure, low-noise misting fan with cooling effect – a World First!!!


Sorbite as found in the Mojave Desert, California
Cheese Room Humidification
Misting of fresh produce on non-refrigerated island display
Misting of fresh produce on display in refrigerated cabinet
Misting of supermarket/fresh produce retailer/public open space
Humidification of fresh meat, chicken and fish – cheese, delicatessen and sea food
Misting of restaurant/convention centre/wedding venue
Misting at sporting events
Misting in Textile Factory
Misting on Printing Premises
Misting in public gardens
Misting to keep farm animals cool
Large Meat Showcase Humidification System
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